Woolf Women

now or never

Young. Wild. Loose on an open road.

An offbeat Film Documentary


WoolfWomen is an unconventional chronicle documenting a true story about 5 Gen Z girls who go on a wonderfully crazy skateboard adventure to the Pontic Mountains.

It marks a debut for filmmakers Marchella De Angelis and Jenny Schauerte.

The spotlight is on Jenny who has been struggling to get over the unexpected and sudden loss of her father. Her friends are worried about her welfare and state of mind. Her depression has led to her losing her job and as a result, she gives up her home to go live in her van whilst being on the move full time. In order to seek solace and distraction, she plans and dreams of an adventurous skateboard expedition with her friends.
Finding a friend in Jenny and identifying with her feeling of being at a loose end, Marchella decides to help make the expedition a reality. She sets a challenge for Jenny and her friends to go to Sumela, an ancient monastery built in AD386. It clings precariously to a vertical rock face with a terrifying sheer drop of 1,280 metres and is located in the Pontic mountains of Turkey.

Marchella hopes Jenny will find closure. And will the Woolf Women become the first boarders to attempt a skate from Sumela?
This is a film about courage, determination and female friendship. It also highlights the nomadic freedom and personal values sought by some of the zoomers of today. Featuring exciting downhill skateboarding, cool music and amazing landscapes – WoolfWomen is fun and honest in every way.


Enlightening Data

Mostly English

Still a secret

Run Time
90 Minutes

Age Rating


Marchella De Angelis

Executive Producer
Josef Brandmaier

Written by
Jennifer Schauerte &
Marchella De Angelis

Directed by
Jennifer Schauerte &
Marchella De Angelis

Edited by
Jennifer Schauerte &
Marchella De Angelis

Production Company
2Dare2 Productions Ltd

Post Production
Onsight Ltd

Post Production

Coming soon 2022

Target Audience
Zoomers and Millennials

Available Territories

Heart warming Skateboard Adventure

Film Form

The spirit and DNA of WoolfWomen is raw.
Filmed in the style of a ‘Fly on the Wall’ documentary, the aim was to deliver an honest projection of the story and people involved, with an unfiltered vibe.
The film breaks the 4th wall without intention; and takes delight in combining improvised visual content, that is synonymous of the self-filming culture of Gen Z, together with planned production film footage.

Along the way…

sets of burnt skate wheels
rolls of duct tape
police fines
organi cups
KMS each way


Marchella started her life in Malaysia but moved to the UK in her teens. She is a maverick entrepreneur who thrives on creativity and the alternative dimension. She would love to skateboard but is equally happy watching it on film.

Marchella De Angelis

Jenny was born in Boston, USA but grew up in the mountains of Bavaria. She qualified from St Martins in London with a degree in graphics and design. She recently left London because it got too flat and instead lives in her van, chasing the sun and the mountains.

Jenny Schauerte
mama woolf

Jasmijn hailed from Belgium, but now lives in Innsbruck. She started snowboarding at the age of 13 and but could not bear to be at the mercy of only Winter snow. By taking up skateboarding, she can now be on a moving board 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Jasmijn Hanegraef
woolf woman

Anna grew up in Innsbruck, where she developed a big love for the mountains, mother nature and mindfulness. Skateboarding plays a major part of her life as she explains it keeps her sane and grounded. She does not like cheesy music.

Anna Pixner

Lisa was born in the Netherlands but currently lives in Haarlem and is in her final year at the University of Amsterdam. She supports her love of travel and competing in International downhill skateboard tournaments by working as a part time barista and so is always full of beans.

Lisa Peters
woolf woman

Ale was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She is currently studying structural engineering in Italy. She learnt to skate quite by accident, whilst helping her best friend to manufacture skate decks for a university project. The Sport keeps her grounded.

Alejandra Gutierrez
woolf woman

Josef was born in Germany. He is a Film & Entertainment Expert with a career spanning more than 30 years in consulting and relationship management for major global media groups and partners. He now prefers to only work with projects he has a passion for. He owns a skateboard but has never properly used it.

Josef Brandmaier
EXecutive producer

Lola is a seasoned film aficionado. Never far away, Lola’s contribution to the Woolf Women film has been vital. With daily doses of cuddles and kisses, the editing process was sped up greatly.

Lola Lollipop
chief editor

The Crew

Director of Photgraphy
Jennifer Schauerte

Director of Aerial Photgraphy
Daniel James

Pete Cox
Laureen Mahieu

Christian Kreuter
Pablo Quiles
Reichl Haas
Vincenzo De Santis
Will Edgecombe

Special thanks to:
Yse Brisson
Marina Byshkova
Llao Andres
Deborah Shepherd
John Hörnschemeyer
Rae Parsons
Wez Merchant/Strike Media

Additional Camera Support
Andres Llao
Julian Prentl
Julia Barklow

Courtesy Appearance
Christine Schauerte
Valeria Kechichian
Karina Ramage
Selimhan Dogan
Yalla and Scooter Boy
Professional Fishing Man

Big thanks to our cool musicians

Bach Suite in G minor
Stock music Pond5

Gimme Some
Marlon Roberts
The Big Skate
Marlon Roberts

Ochen Nash
Eva Quartet
The Roads
Little Element
Blake Roberts
Winters Prelude
Marlon Roberts

Leo Gun
What’s it Gonna Take
Leo Gun
Karina Ramage
Dans Le Noir
Karina Ramage
Smack 5
Joshua Fisher
Ay Palomita
Rodrigo Gallardo

Additional footage

World Roller Games
Alice Lizzo
Davide Stranieri
Gabriele Bianchini
Valentina Pascarella

World Skate
Federico Barbezi
Simone Masserini

Lonely Pony Studio Carpentry
Sam Gosling

Longboard Girls CrewEm
Emma Azmi

Ocean Trash

With thanks to:
Sven Lieve
Jasper Haenegraf
Jeime De Cardenas
Tobias Attenberger
Esneider Osorno
Christian Kreuter
Vincenzo De Santis

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